Do we need Shared History?

In November 2017, the project opened up for the public for the second time with a discussion at Färgfabriken, where we wanted to challenge the ideas produced so far and see if the paths chosen could be fruitful for furhter creative research.

How do we develop cultural strategies to encourage a more inclusive historical consciousness based on integration? Shared History* is an art and research project rethinking the chronological way of thinking about History and and how we tend to imagine ”our” and ” their” community. What if we approach history as something that is open to everybody? A historical integration! Is it possible to approach history as a multi-linear process intertwining experiences instead of a single linear mind-set of top down history making. In what ways can we use Shared History as a starting point for artistic processes and collaborations?

The program opened up our process and called for dialogue in search for an inclusive future, and shared the experiences and challenges of the project so far, through short presentations and panel discussion, where the audience was invited to react and discuss.

The discussion with the artists and the audience adresseed "history" and the making of history through both a wide perspective (as the history of a nation) and as personal histories, stresseing the importanse of the individual's right to tell their history in their own way, not having to represent something other than themselves. This approach has potential to promote understanding and dialuge rather than conserving prejudice.  We also discueed the problems of  how "refugees" and "migration" are portrayed through the current stream of images in media, usually very stereotypical and reductive, and concluded we need to constantly question this visual language.

Panel participants:

Agnieszka Wolodzko, artist
Hala Alnaji, architect
Ibrahim Muhana, filmmaker
Reza Hazare, artist
Vanja Sandell Billström, artist and filmmaker
Svante H. Tirén, curator and writer

Moderator: Daniel Urey

*Aside from the title of our project, Shared History is a new academic research field in History. Shared history opens up emancipatory and unifying solutions. By problematising history as storytelling, two or more different or even contradictory experiences or perspectives on the same historical phenomenon are merged into meeting and dialogue.

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