A film about the making of Agnieszka Wołodźko's art installation for the Shared History-exhibition in Gdansk, a creative process in dialouge with Ibrahim Mouhanna.

"My project is a site-specific installation and an arranged situation involving the audience. Its theme relates to the figure of the Italian Jesuit Paolo Dall'Oglio, who lived in Syria for 30 years. He rebuilt a monastery of Deir Mar Musa located 80 km north of Damascus, and organized an ecumenical community there – a meeting place for Syrian Christians and Muslims. He was also a pacifist, he supported the opposition objecting the Bashar al-Assad government. In 2013 he was kidnapped and the trace of him was lost. On one of the walls in the north aisle, I display remains of internal stairs. This wall, with its brick structure, is reminiscent of a mountainous landscape near the monastery where Paolo was active and the stairs leading to it. I place a ceramic object on the wall, referring to the architecture of the monastery. I hang a “flag” with an inscription “Waiting for Paolo Dall'Oglio” from a keystone under the vault. On the floor by the wall, I spread carpets, referring to the carpets on the floor of the said Syrian monastery. The rugs have pillows on which the audience can sit. In the corner, on the floor, a television with a short documentary about Paolo Dall'Oglio by Ibrahim Mouhanna is placed". (Agnieszka Wołodźko)

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