Deconstructing cultural policy through design

For the Shared History project, designers Isabel Mager and Gabriel Maher worked out a design idea based on the complexity of the application sent in to the Creative Europe programme of the European union. The graphic languate takes it's basic components and style from the form for the application, using it's boxes, headlines and structure to craft a coherent graphic language in a playful manner. The wall graphics they created for the exhibition in Stockholm contains several layers of information; a language analyses where they also deconstruct the actual content and idea of the project itself. Why do we use the language we do? On top of this, another layer in which a flow chart shows how cultural policy on an EU level perhaps led up this particular project and how it is drafted. How are buraucracy, cultural policy and the actual cutlure linked? By dissecting the bureaucratic graphical interface, the idea of measurable culture and its instrumental purpose is clarified.

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