History is politics and politics is history – and we are all part of it, often in ways are not even aware of. And that is precisely the reason why we need to share it. Shared History is not about giving your own history up – but opening the act of history making to other perspectives, other voices than what is conventionally expected.

Shared History is a project that brings together newly arrived and established artist across the Baltic Sea region, a sea of (dis)-connections. Their views do not necessarily need to harmonise, but they have to relate to each other when exploring critical methods of storytelling in a time of polarised debates about history and identity. By providing a space for creative and critical dialogue for artists, writers and thinkers, Shared History aims to look at history and narration as a process of participation and interpretation rather than a set of fixed facts.

Reflections on Shared History

By Johan Hegardt

Shared History

Notes on Narration and Identity in the Baltics and Beyond

Deconstructing cultural policy through design

- by Isabel Mager & Gabriel Maher

The First Anniversary of the European Borders Closure

Anna Domańska


All project activities, essays, films and more.

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